First vlog and found vibe

Haiiiiii guys. Okay, I’ve been longing to update about things that’s happening but ya know this isn’t on my priority list, so yeah.

FIRST UP, my first vlog is UP on the net. Private, ofcourse. So this is the plan. I’ll only provide links to my vlogs through this blog. So here’s my first ever vlog, don’t hate but appreciate because I’m new to this.

(Excuse while I experiment with colour correcting on my videos!)

Oh and guess what, I’m slowly starting to form my own vibe. Heck I don’t know if it’s legit a thing to commit, but as of now, yeah I’m so certain. So I’m back on my feet editing resumes and stuff. I just need to get a job to make everything going. So that’s on my TOP priority list right now.

I can’t comprehend nor digest this recent infatuation for art. Like I’m starting to love art, which used to be something foreign to me, that I struggled to sort of understand and be part of it. Art and design are two different things, if you don’t know yet. Art is your own form of self-expression towards whatever matter in life, yours or not (this is based on my own interpretation btw) and design is your own take on given briefs, usually for your clients. It’s so weird that I find myself wanting to experiment with textures and dimensions, colours and do varieties of hands on stuff. At least now I know what to do to reignite my confidence. It’s such a therapeutic thing, you know. I have yet to bind a themeless empty 1cm booklet, make a poster with some ciggy boxes, die cut some papers to layer, play with some cotton strings, so many things to try!

Which made me decide on one of my 2018 resolutions: To embrace myself. Be okay with who I am, make use of what I have, and make them my strong points. You know, like I used to push away that nostalgic part of me, but now I’m leaning towards making that as part of my aesthetics. Be it in the things I do or how I present myself. It’s not a must, but just a way out to more self-appreciation.

There’s so many things to talk about but I’m saving some for my chatty videos :D



Revival of Sab vibes

I feel like I am slowly loosing my vibe. I think mine got lost somewhere in the hoods of people’s vibes.

Maybe I lost my voice.


I think it’s revival time. I spent most of my time at home on Youtube, so I guess I found some videos that inspired me to, be myself.

The quirky me who loves colours and thrifted stuff.

(And these two people deserves a standing ovation from me, for pushing me to be, me again!)

Youtube: leahsfieldnotes

Leah Youtube

(Snapshot of her YT channel video thumbnails)

I love the colours and her content explorations! You can tell by watching her videos that she makes raw stuff, so original, casual. She can look like a normal girl without character, but at times, she’s hot.


She does thrift hauls and she rocked them. This brings me back to the times I got the balls to just use colours and try my best to dress up. AND, she’s a graphic designer. Definitely, someone I can look up to for inspiration.


Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 3.34.01 PM


Okay, hold down;

Nope la, you are not gonna see me in bright hues all that. But, maybe this will help me start on design portfolio at the very least. And if these fuel me even more, I might come up with some personal projects to experiment, be it to make a zine, or a short film, a lookbook video. I don’t know yet. We’ll see.