Wee morning discovery

It’s not that I discovered it only now but, I’ve further confirmed that realisation.

Now that I am asked to give my views or opinions on certain design research as part of ¬†my assignment, I think I’m getting braver at giving out my opinions on things or situations given. Rarely do you see me express my views or sentiments out like it’s an easy fit.

Let me tell ya it ain’t easy submitting my opinions on some theatre posters as though I trust them. Like, it feels¬†wrong saying it like that out loud, on a platform where other students are able to read them too. Was I describing them accurately? I learnt to believe in my views, and so be it if others see them in a different perspective. My words came from my own observations of the poster designs so technically I cannot be wrong. I may not be good with words, which means that the depth of descriptions I could offer wasn’t that much, but when someone mentioned that one of my submissions was brought up by the lecturer, IT MEANS SOMETHING.

I gotta learn to trust myself and be more confident. That’s how things are in this course. I have to be confident in my choice of design, and own it instead of doubting myself. Be decisive too, okay.

Okay back to media kit research (8 more to go. Not planning to end the night until I get them done!)

TC & Wassalam