Brutally Honest #05

Rant mode is strong right now because I’m currently boiling over the issue I will be stating in this post.


We all are struggling with life, school, work and personal stuff. Yes, so many things to do within a short span of time.

When you add more things into your commitment list, PLEASE ENSURE you know how to manage your time wisely and efficiently. Know what to PRIORITISE, and if you’re behind in something, step up and put in extra effort to fulfil it. There’s Google if you don’t know how to do things. There’s friends you can ask help from. So many ways.

I don’t understand why you chose to put more focus on work than school. And then, you cannot juggle school commitments as religiously as your work shifts. Only doing school work when the due date is just in a few days, or even the next day. Your work is not done with much relevance to the topic, because you’re more into getting it done than getting it right. You have so many days to complete it, so many nights to burn. But yet….

I know you’re tired. But please, own up to it. Now there’s another thing, about not owning up to your work. TAKE FULL OWNERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY of your own work. Please, we all hate school assignments. But what’s the point of paying ton shits of money on school when you just can’t put in that much amount of effort to your work? It’s like, you’re wasting money, time and effort. I want grades as good as that thousands of money I’ve invested for school.

I’m just so done at this point, I’d rather take over your work and get it RIGHT, than just letting it go.

Done ranting and I’m off to do more editing because I just cannot just ignore.

TC & Wassalam


What have I gotten myself into?



It’s been a month since I’ve enrolled myself in a degree course, and I still can’t apprehend that decision. Everything happened in a snap; green light from the school a month before it commences, quits job a day before. I wasn’t mentally prepared for school, let’s put it that way. And only after two weeks of school I realised that I’ve entered the final year of the course. Which means, no more crawling and spending my own sweet time adjusting and picking up new skills. I’m expected to already know what’s going on, explore within what I have, and learn from others. It’s like a step beyond my radar. “Own Time Own Target” was how I have to roll, apparently.

Can you believe it, I’m already doing two assignments which are due later this month, and another in early September. It was hell of a ride.

Amidst that buzz, thankfully I had the time to squeeze in some break and fun times. Let me list them out below cause, I can’t be bothered to draft them out into words and pictures. I mean, I need to catch me some time for school.

  1. SIMCMS Pesta Raya event: Attended alone. Could have gone with a friend but she was a few days late behind for the event registration. Was pretty decent, and not much of a hype because yes, it did welcome us newbies into the club and I made friends with them newbies but nope, because we didn’t mingle with the people who are already within the club, really.
  2. Trip to Singapore Arts Museum: This was awesome, because I went with some crazy bunch of friends whom I haven’t meet for so long. Also I haven’t been to a museum since forever and it was cool trying to understand visual arts after I’ve learnt a little about visual metaphors in school.
  3. Sephora haul with a new friend: She was a mutual friend that I knew through a couple of friends. We’ve only communicated on Twitter so it was a first seeing her in real life. We bonded pretty fast over makeup and other pretty personal topics, and our similar concerns over certain social issues.
  4. Lunch and flea date: An impromptu outing with my secondary school mates. Updated on each others’ lives over lunch, window shopped around ION, and then made our way to a flea at the National Design Centre. I loved seeing the localised crafts prior to the National Day. I was kinda looking for inspiration for my assignment at the same time. Plus, I met my polytechnic friend (who was among those I hang out often with) whom I haven’t talk in ages as well. Day was spent very well indeed!
  5. Bonding sessions with current course mates: We didn’t have a proper orientation event to bond over or just get to know who we are studying with. Since we’re only a small number of students in the course, a classmate took the initiative to get us bonded over lunch outings. Well, it wasn’t so merry in the first few because only 5-8 turned up. Last 2 weeks though, we all had lunch together as a class (even if we didn’t talk to everyone during the lunch outing) so that’s a progress there. I can now say that I can really just walk up to anyone in my class to talk/ask about school related topics, and a couple over the other class. Do know that I’m a reserved person so this is something new for me.
  6. Mayhem moments over dinner and dessert date: One of the craziest days so far since school started (apart from the days I got so stressed and anxious I felt nauseous). This is what happens when you went out with people too amazing you laughed almost all the time over jokes and silly things. I was in my own habitat with them and it was comforting when you are reminded of the past. People like me need days like this to assure ourselves that life is full of ups and downs, and that I need to take chill pills man.

More outings to come and events to attend! Despite this new shift or phase in my life, I managed to keep my fitness and religion progress in the loop too. It’s tough trying to achieve 3 gym sessions a week still, but 2 is better that none. And insyaAllah from next week onwards, I’ll be back attending Hadith class on Saturday nights, and some other adhoc religious classes/events if I have the time.

I don’t know if this is how Uni life is to many of you, but I’m slowly adjusting to it. No more tagging behind friends. I have to make my own efforts, even if it means…going to school on a Sunday so that I can get my work done! Sigh (At home today though)

TC  & Wassalam

PS: I updated mine because my friend updated her blog. Hahaha

Some of my favourite Youtubers

Just a bunch of people behind the screens that got me going. You know how certain people can just brighten up your day. Like man, they be giving me some boost in energy or something, and I would leave, so inspired to start the day with something good! Be it irl or on screens, if I get that snap, I get it. Here now I’m going to talk about a few Youtubers whom I love and adore so much because they make me want to grow into a better person.

1. Niomi Smart

She’s like an all-in-one package. Really down to Earth, and I cannot fathom how amazing she is?? Always getting me to try healthy snacks/food/regimes. I love how simple her videos are, and her video content is totally on point! They’re what I’d expect to see or know from most Youtube vloggers honestly. I could tell that she has this strong personality that I want to achieve one day.

2. Gigi Gorgeous

No, don’t you think that way. Yes, I love her, and no I do not see her as the ideal person I’d want to be because she’s way more ladylike than I am. Really sad, haha. Anyway, she’s super sassy, really humble, and she’s a strong woman. It’s like if you get on her nerves, she’ll know how to handle you (in a nice way). Her self-confident is unbelievable, I mean come on, she uses ‘GregoryGORGEOUS’ as her user ID on Youtube. Enjoying some of her videos is a huge understatement, not kidding. Especially her ‘story time’ and ‘monthly favourites’ videos.

3. Icovetheeeeeee

I know I spelt that wrong but can’t you see how excited I am with that extended ‘e’s?! One of my favourite makeup Youtuber! She’s absolutely stunning, and her makeup direction’s what I have always been looking for. Simple yet not too pale. And boy, she does really have a great skin complexion (and hot accent).

4. SORTED Food

If you love food and you want a great conversation going on during the whole video then do watch their fantastic food recipe videos! I love how it revolves around those 4 guys; the chef and the ‘puppets’ haha! No I mean literally, the other 3 are only there to give the videos more vibe and colour. It’s an all-rounded concept that makes them unique in my opinion. Simple recipes, funny people, always a joy to watch them.

5. Leroy Sanchez

Man, his voice is the shits. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but most of his covers are unique. I’m the kind to really spend some time finding covers that stand out from the rest. They should have their own originality to them, and of course they must sound just as good as the original. And to find out that I love most of his covers is really…something?

6. Clothes Encounters

She’s one of the few that remind me of how Youtubers are just like other humans out there. No one’s that perfect, and what I love about her is (ofcourse her fashion style and makeup but apart from that) that she’s always sharing tips and advices that her viewers can relate to. It’s nice to know that she wasn’t just quoting it from anyone but of her own experiences in life. A bubbly person, a friend I would want to have!

7. The Domestic Geek

For the recent weeks, I’m all about healthy eating. I’ve only found out about this channel, few weeks back when I was searching for healthy smoothie recipes (If I can recall well.). Ever since, I have been so interested in all her recipe videos. So vibrant and appealing, and they’re all catered to people like me who are getting conscious at what goes into my mouth.

These are my current favourite’s list though. There are a few more worth listing down but I better move on before I lost the need to post this. I want to get into a deeper topic now but I think I shall save that for next time and catch up on a series! Won’t be around much soon, though.

I just miss school and my school friends. I hate how we’re not that as bonded as we used to be. Things can change that quick, and at this rate I shouldn’t be so surprised the next time anything just flip within a split moment. Getting nostalgic, not good.


Sore muscles

To start off, I think I’m rather too ambitious to be joining NAPFA. Rarely do I actually exercise my muscles for such vigorous activities. Nor do I even exercise for the benefits of being fit. A few weeks before the the actual day, I received an email from the officials of the nearing test dates, and I was rather hesitant to join. But when I got to know that all of my classmates would be participating in it, I pretty had no choice but to join as well. That was after weighing the pros and cons as well too. Like, I’d rather have ‘Participated’ then ‘Absent’ on the results sheet. Also, it doesn’t really matter for us girls if we failed. After all, it’s optional.

NAPFA isn’t that simple, for me at least. To be doing strenuous exercises when I hadn’t done anything close to that for months, it kind of worried me. So, about 3 weeks before the test, I decided to start off with training for the 2.4km run, and slowly work on my abs and arms muscles. On the day itself, a couple of my friends started to practice for the ‘Sit and Reach’ station a few hours before the test. I knew so well that I could not pass that station, but after I saw improvements from a friend who had the same problem as I did, I began to practice on it too. It was tough, and as I reach further forward, I could feel those related muscles tightened. I did it. Managed to touch the tip of my shoes!

The test has begun, and so did I with the stations. It was a disappointment when I failed at the broad jumping station, but the number of sit ups and pull ups managed to put me into getting ‘Bronze’. At that point, I could feel the slight soreness on my legs muscles. The stretch from the ‘Sit and Reach’ and the broad jump was too much. Part of me was hoping we could complete the 2.4 on the same day as the clouds were very gloomy, and another was really worried to how I could excel for the run.

Soon it began to pour down heavily, and with the thunder alert going off, we had to push the run to another day, which marks the end of that day. Everything was normal until the next morning, when all my muscles were sore. I couldn’t sit on my legs. My moves are very restricted. I knew it would take days to heal. I’m talking about 3 or 4 days. It was that bad, and it all has to be from the minutes I took to practice for the ‘Sit and Reach’. Tried to reduce the pain by using Salonpas but no, it didn’t work. Thankfully I think, the run was postponed. Can’t imagine how worse it would be if that wasn’t the case. I would be probably bed ridden.

Hopefully, my friends are okay, and that muscles would get stronger.