Brutally Honest #05

Rant mode is strong right now because I’m currently boiling over the issue I will be stating in this post.


We all are struggling with life, school, work and personal stuff. Yes, so many things to do within a short span of time.

When you add more things into your commitment list, PLEASE ENSURE you know how to manage your time wisely and efficiently. Know what to PRIORITISE, and if you’re behind in something, step up and put in extra effort to fulfil it. There’s Google if you don’t know how to do things. There’s friends you can ask help from. So many ways.

I don’t understand why you chose to put more focus on work than school. And then, you cannot juggle school commitments as religiously as your work shifts. Only doing school work when the due date is just in a few days, or even the next day. Your work is not done with much relevance to the topic, because you’re more into getting it done than getting it right. You have so many days to complete it, so many nights to burn. But yet….

I know you’re tired. But please, own up to it. Now there’s another thing, about not owning up to your work. TAKE FULL OWNERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY of your own work. Please, we all hate school assignments. But what’s the point of paying ton shits of money on school when you just can’t put in that much amount of effort to your work? It’s like, you’re wasting money, time and effort. I want grades as good as that thousands of money I’ve invested for school.

I’m just so done at this point, I’d rather take over your work and get it RIGHT, than just letting it go.

Done ranting and I’m off to do more editing because I just cannot just ignore.

TC & Wassalam


Beezy Buzzy

It’s been a while since I updated my blog. I’d usually have an idea of what I am going to write about. I do indeed have a few in mind right now, but I don’t really have the time and mood to write.

I have my part time design job currently, which consumes most my day, and at night, I’ll try to make time for my portfolio. The only possible period to update this blog is usually at work, when my mind is all fresh, but recently, I don’t have that urge to blog.

I wanted to talk about sending off my Maarif classmates last Sunday, but the thought of finding them pictures on my phone, and uploading them here. It’s a little bit troublesome. Haha!

Then, there’s this new band that I love, that I can rave about, but then again, I’m just not in the mood.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to do it this weekend, InsyaAllah!

Till then.


Open your eyes and see things you ought to

There’s nothing better than being around people who appreciates you.

Within the past two days, a few things had happened that made me realised who I should treasure more and who should I forgo, no matter how close or far apart we are. Maybe that is part of the reason why Eid exists, other than bringing people closer.

I was not really aware of the people I should appreciate most until a day ago. That realisation makes me feel dumb for a moment. How could I be so blinded all these while. A friend told me yesterday that I emotionally act impulsively, and maybe that’s what blinded me. My emotions. It’s not too late I think.

Also, I’ve started to go apart from people who chose to get far from me. If they wanted it to end, doesn’t it mean I am less important to them? And I think, them ending it would be the best decision they could ever come up with? I mean, yeah why not now than later. I would not have known how I don’t matter much to them as they are to me until that occurred. Of course, for the first few days, I’d feel so torn apart, but I believe it is for good. No, I won’t make the effort to ask them to patch it up back. If they wanted to make a stop to it, so be it. I could always fill up the gap with something else that’s much more worth of that space. I must not hold on to the past. They’re gone now.

I did not mean to make this post a bitter one, but the point is, know your surroundings well. Aren’t we taught to leave the bad things and go for the good ones? Do exactly that and you’ll feel healthier as a person. Cherish those who love you and stick to you no matter how ruined you could be, cause they do actually care about you more than you think.

Nonetheless, make everyday a better day to live in. Know how to make yourself happy and not depend on others for happiness. It all comes from within you.



You don’t have to try so hard.


Yet another day where I decided to blog on the way to work. I tend to think a lot during long journeys and I want my thoughts on this blog to be as honest as possible. That’s why, I try to blog on the spot, and let those words that flow out of my mind be captured right into this blog.

I can’t really recall why but I knew that today,  I feel great. Maybe it is because of my penpal’s email response, or maybe it is because I was able to stop doing something I will absolutely regret this morning. I don’t know. Trying really hard to remember it right now but I simply can’t. Whatever.

The sole reason to why I wanted to write a post today, right now, is cause of Colbie Caillat’s recent song and MV release. If you have not listen to Try, you should. It will motivate you to accept who you are and not try to be someone else, because you’re embarrassed by how imperfect you are. However that’ll only work if you truly understand the message she’s trying to convey in the song as well as MV, and the reason or experience she had before producing that song.

I would love to embed a link of the inspiring music video here but I’m on my phone and I don’t think it’s feasible to do so. Therefore, be a little helpful and google up the MV yourself. Make sure you it, okay! You won’t be able to get what I’m trying to say later on cause I’ll have to refer to the MV at some point in my explanation, and it’s best if you could visualise it.Here’s the music video to Try. Watch it, alright.


Some people took the message wrongly and I believed that I have to knock some sense them on their heads cause I know they’re not stupid enough to think so. Yeah, those narrow-minded selfs in the comment section of her Youtube video who apparently refused to get the whole idea of something and began to talk bad about it. Okay come here, I’ll get to the bottom of this for you lots. If you still think I’m not justifying my point, it’s cause you chose not to agree with me. The message is effortlessly obvious despite it giving you different interpretation of it. As someone who can relate to her song quite well, I’d say the message works well on me, and she did it right.

If you listen to the lyrics of the song, you’ll come across words that assure you to remove your make up and be confident of your natural looks. You don’t have to hide that beauty you’re bestowed upon, and don’t try to be someone else. First of all, the reason behind this song is that, as quoted from Dailymail, “Colbie Caillat sends a powerful message about acceptance as she ditches the Photoshop and wipes off her make-up in new music video Try“. Words in the lyrics are adapted based on her real-life experiences. She was trying to voice out her opinion from her past experience. Since she is in the music industry where she would have several photo shoots for magazines, album covers or any related sites, she had to wear make up often. To look as perfect as the photos could be, those details deems imperfect would be thus Photoshopped. Glistening skin, even skin tone, pimple or freckles free, those are all edited out. Don’t you be fooled by that. She’s obviously not happy by how they’re trying to change her looks. That is the very reason why, she mentioned ‘make up’, ‘nails’ and ‘hair done’ cause that’s what happened to her.

For those who are not in the same situation she is facing, you do not have to take her every words literally. As long as you get the message, it could fit well with your situation. In my case, I rarely use make-up, so the message did not really hit me hard. I do have pimples and acnes on my face, and I used to wear a concealer to cover those ugly spots, but I’ve ditched that ever since I was given some treatment products for my face after a visit to a dermatologist clinic weeks ago. To get an optimum result of the treatments, I am not supposed to use anything else other than those products. My recent routine before I leave anywhere, is to apply those products and that’s it. Then I’ll step out of the house with a bare face. I don’t mind having to show nothing but my pure face condition, with those spots and bumps, telling the world how prominent they are on my face. Like “Excuse us but we’re trying to rock your face” kinda thing. With that, of course, I do feel insecure at times when people would observe me, instead of taking a few glances. Now you might wonder, how then does this song affect me? Well, I’ve never thought I look good. I still don’t think I am, up till now. But these words: “Look into the mirror, at yourself. Don’t you like you?” and “When you’re all alone, by yourself, do you like you?”. I did like how I look sometimes when I look at my reflection in the mirror. Who cares about those pimples. I look quite acceptable to be honest. It is only when I compare myself with others that I realised I’m just nowhere as good as them. That is always why I’m not confident with my looks. That song assures me and empowers me to be more confident and accepting.

Now, some of you might argue that it’s nothing wrong to wear make up. What if I feel much better using makeup? What if I feel more of myself using eyeliners, that would accentuate my big eyes? What if I use makeup just to impress myself? Girls, stop with those ‘What ifs’ shall we? You’re going way out of the radar. Remember who she is targeting the message to? Let me repeat it to you. It is to those group of people who try to be someone else because they’re embarrassed of their true selves. It is to those group of people who think that their imperfections would bring them to nowhere when there’s actually some out there who like how you look. It is to those group of people with no confidence of their looks. Do you beings get it now? That is the message. You can suit it to your own lives anyway you want it to be. She was giving encouraging words to uplift their souls, bring out the confidence, esteem and acceptance in them that they have hid deep down within their souls. If you think makeup brings out the best features you have, go ahead. Just so you know, you are still beautiful in the eyes of certain people. Not everyone, you read that right. Why? Cause believe me or not, everyone judges, be it unconsciously or not.

It’s up to you whether you want to take their judgements into account or not. You decide whether you want to be affected by those judgements. They’re all lying around everywhere, readily for you to grab and go, putting your sentiments into them, but if you choose to ignore them and believe in yourself that despite what they have said, they’ll be nothing but some dust you could easily wipe away. You’ll be stronger as ever and nothing could really stop you. Colbie Caillat wants you to be strong, and that’s one of the way you can do so.

Then, there’s a few guys who mentioned that the song promotes feminism. Well hello, I don’t think that’s wrong? She’s just doing her best for the females who needs this kind of moral support. It’s not trying to condemn your own gender, so please stop trying to wrong her. If you feel so, then I think you are in need of some moral support too. Get your own fix too, bros.

I guess this is the end of my rants for today. I’m pushing back the tasks I’m supposed to do, just to zip up this post so I don’t have to come back to it later on.

Be yourself is all I could say.