A possible career plan?

Not mine. Giphy’s

Talking about this reminds me of a dear friend whom during my secondary school years was super clear about what she wants to be and the how-tos as well. She scribbled her path onto a paper cardboard, the kind you would get at the back of a foolscap paper as she explained to me. Of course I was jealous because I wasn’t even sure what I want to be, let alone how to reach there. 

It’s tough to figure out what I want to do as a life-long career. It took years. I found myself in the design industry and am somehow struggling to get the hang of it. At this point, I don’t want to to waste time exploring, but more of settling down and go for it. So I’ve chosen to be a designer as a career. Hopefully a multidisciplinary designer or a communication designer, or even an art director. Definitely as of now, I want to secure the position of a communication designer for around 10 years. After that, I want to try art/creative directing or freelancing for another 10 years. In between, I want to learn entrepreneurship and start conducting workshops and classes and InsyaAllah own my own studio. 

And then, the next phase is to teach design and creativity, to anyone who wants to use creativity in life/work/school. It’s a dream to be able to share what I learn and inspire people to think creatively. I want to change the perception that creativity is only for the ‘gifted’ people, and educate people on the importance of being creative. Not just people, but mums and brands too. This world needs a little bit of donuts with sprinkles. Maybe during this phase, I want to publish my own books or collaborate with people. Maybe the collaboration can start at an earlier phase. Let me name this the ‘Spreading inspirations’ phase. 

After the peak of my career, I want to settle down knowing I’ve passed down my legacy in this world, and live a simple life. Maybe become a bus driver, have the weekends for goreng pisangs and teh tarik sessions with my future husband, go for fitness sessions with friends, cook delicious food and create my own garden and recipes at home, maybe also make custom tailored clothing for customers. Just like my late grandma. Being creative and independent in her own ways. 

Be bold with your dreams. 



Backup future plan

I made a serious decision today, while being in the loo. Told myself to mentally mark today’s date too. Something that connects my wish about 9 years ago, and my current wish. I’m still unsure if I made it out of anger, irrationally, or if that was the plan I’ve been wanting to venture on.

Why didn’t I think of it any sooner? I could have a better earlier start on it right.

So, if you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I’ll just tell you what it is in general.

I made a backup future career plan, if all fails. It’s a huge jump, but it’s something I sort of want to try out. And if I have to resort to that plan, I will update again on it.

But for now, let’s just say I’m glad I have started preparing for it. Somehow. Need to do more research to make small milestones. Even if it’s a backup plan, I still have to be ready for it.

And I keep telling myself today that, it doesn’t matter. 

My ultimate goal above everything is to constantly collect pahala as a future investment, because I am very indebted.

TC & Wassalam.