I’m not ladylike, will I?

I’m that weird girl who says she’s not ladylike, likes to randomly shout at her siblings for fun, not poised at all at home, neither outside with constant burps which is something she’s quite known for.

But, she’s also the girl that lowkey wishes to have all of traditional Siti Nurhaliza songs for her wedding. Plus some songs from Blue please. And when I get bored of songs with vocals on that day, just play instrumental of indie songs. 

I guess when I admit that I’m not wanita melayu terakhir, I actually secretly sort of wish I am. I changed alot that I grow fond of traditional Malay songs. Past me won’t approve or neither understand this. It’s okay cause life is a mystery after all. But alahai dondang sayang so ayu the songs I can never actually imagine myself portraying the ayu image. Friends if you are reading this, can you ever imagine me in a batik and songket and be so lemah longlai?? Hahahah impossible! Who knows when I grow even older like in 3 years time or something I can actually can pull that image huh.

Anyway yeah, I’m actually listening to ‘Anugerah Aidilfitri’ now. So let me just daydream that I am Siti Nurhaliza. Hahaha!



Sources of inspiration

(Not mine. From Giphy)

Wow, it took me this long to realise I’ve actually gotten inspired from soooo many things! It was past midnight and I was reading this post on how art directors get inspired from and then do I realise that, some were similar to mine. Lemme list them:

1) Screenshots a habit: Um I have a confession. I do stalk people and accounts on Instagram( who doesn’t) and actually screenshots when needed. When it comes to this, I’ve got balls to let it be known that I did screenshot your posts hahah! Instagram notifies users when their stuff are being screenshot(ted) right? I mean unless you are insecure about what you put online then you should not be worried. I do this to friends, designers, design brands, random accounts. I screenshot what they’re wearing or using, their techniques, the colours, the places,  tbh anything that counts as tips and tricks. For example, my friend went to a pretty place for picnic, so I would just screenshot that Instagram story. Makes things easier right? Another reason was that I’m too shy to ask.

2)Reading online articles/blogs: I have this habit of reading online posts of interesting topics about culture or current issues to food and discoveries at night before bed. The things I learn actually inspires me to think differently and be more empathetic towards people/animals/things. I avoid reading tragic stories because I feel too much. Yesterday I was reading about Scott Disick and Sophie Richie and how her dad doesn’t seem to like how the relationship was going because of who Scott is. And Sophie looks so matured and she’s just so fine PDA-ing with a dad. I don’t just read from one article, I actually Googled who Scott and Sophie are, etc. 

3) Going out with myself: Either I’m bad with friendships or I just enjoy alone time without having to make plans, yeah I’m used to doing things alone. Like going to design or social events alone, went to a restaurant once by myself, watched movies  and shopped alone too. It’s becoming a thing and I actually feel like a loner sometimes but it makes me feel free and a little like an adventurer. Maybe because it takes courage to do so or because the priority is me. But being by myself allows me to absorb my surroundings like I’m a traveller, taking things on my own pace, observing and think alot about life and perspectives. It gives me room to breathe and think.

4) Youtube! : We all already know Youtube is like the alternative for Google for those visual people. If you can’t be bothered Googling how to do things, you can just search it up on Youtube and it’s all there. Tutorials, reviews, vlogs, random things like Good Mythical Morning videos are my kinda range. I’ve my own subcribed list of Youtubers who have awesome personalities and perspectives who I take inspiration from. Did mention a few on my previous posts though so go check them out. But yeah I’m a visual person and I like to cut the chase and not having to mentally visualise the techniques etc so Youtube does the job. 

5) Colours of buildings: I have this recent fascination of just admiring buildings that have really nice colour coordination! And it gives me inspiration of possible colour combinations. Often I would forget or too embarrassed to snap a shot of the buildings so it’s something I want to work on. 

6) I like people watching: Oh this is one of my favourite pastimes when I’m on the public transports other than dozing off. It’s just so nice to see people’s faces and bodies, what they might be up to, who they are, why they’re behaving that way. It intrigues me. I was in the train on the way back home and I stood infront of a Filipino lady who was leaning at her supposed Bangladeshi boyfriend. And her ‘boyfriend’ was holding hands with another Bangladeshi guy sitting beside him. It’s only because I researched about Bangladeshi migrant workers for my school project that I understood the situation. Holding a fellow mate’s hand to them signifies how they are truly brothers who have each others’ backs. Its a symbol of true friendship. While the relationship of the lady and the guy is an ongoing reality of what’s happening to migrant workers in Singapore when they are longing for love. It’s interesting isn’t it? Love, life, people, culture.

7) Music gives me vibes: I’m someone who feels alot. Emotional. I simply love how melodies and tunes without vocals are just enough to tell the stories behind the songs. Music can make me cry, laugh, motivated, everything on the list. And it is one of my way of escaping creative blocks or reviving the uninspired me. I would listen to songs, play it on my ukulele, and sing along. I’m truly blessed to be able to sing so I tend to entertain myself. If songs do struck me in a way, I would search up the meanings behind the songs, understand the words, and ultimately understand the song and the way it is produced. You know what, I’m so amazed at how singers are so brave to share parts of their lives to people. We’re talking about thousands of people they’re sharing their personal stories too. I was watching Carpool Karaoke with Miley Cyrus as the guest star. She already has an outstanding and powerful voice that I admire. But the thing that captured my heart was how honest she was with her music and she did admit the courses of her life as her music progresses. She did songs certain ways according to her state of mind and health. It’s so beautiful then when she sang to her songs because they are so true to ther words and emotions, so raw and honest. I love and envy that. I truly envy people with character.

8) I talk to mysef alot: Last but not least, it’s this bad habit of mine. I talk to myself alot. Sometimes aloud. I always imagine discussing issues with imaginary people. Like I would imagine being interviewed and I would discuss about my perspectives on the issues. It helps me think critically though this habit should be stopped because it is creeping me out. And this happens every day. Sometimes I would do it unconsciously while showering and I would stop halfway and tell myself(or my mind) to shut up. It can be exhausting. But yeah it trains me to think deeply of issues or anything tbh. Anything that was on my mind. 

Okay I started off this post, so eager to pin down the points and now I’m struggling to end this lengthy post. I tend to overlook what I do. Maybe I need to pace things out and actually live in the moment to truly absorbed what I have been doing. And be more confident and be in the state of awareness. 

Be more confident Sabie!


Holding On

My gap year has commenced…rather monotonously. A couple of friends have started uni, or will be starting soon, all ready for another new journey, and I’m here still struggling to find a decent job.

I have applied for numerous jobs as graphic designers. In the beginning all I wanted was to simply get accepted to work as a graphic designer but after a couple of attempts, I realised that I yearn to get a job in either an advertising, creative or branding agency. I spent last week emailing to more than 10 of such companies, even those which do not have any job openings, just to try my luck. Guess what? Only one replied on Monday, saying that they could only offer a freelance job in the near future.

So I was let down a little, but my utmost priority right now in order to get life start sailing and moving forward is to get a job and start working. On that same day, I applied for other job applications regardless of their type of companies. Just a few minutes ago, I received a call from qoo10, telling me that I got the job I applied as a Part Time Graphic Designer. I’m grateful that I got accepted, but not so because I was sort of still waiting for any of those agencies mentioned to accept or consider my application.

I want a proper job, one that challenges my capabilities in design, so that I can learn and get more knowledge, and at the same time add them experiences into my portfolio. My previous intern job was actually a good one. Making website mockups, branding, lots and lots of ads for different clients, trying to meet different clients’ needs. It stressed me out but in a good way that gets me to the next level of achievement in my career life. I want that kind of job for this gap year, so at least I won’t put it to waste.

Please please, you reading this, doa for me okay. I need dat job. Da job.

On the other hand, I have been watching tons of Youtube videos. I am so glued to Jung Saem Mool’s makeup tutorial videos. There is this weird therapeutic feeling that I get every time the makeup artists apply makeup to the models. They treat their faces in such an honourable manner by applying with the least pressure onto their fine faces. It’s definitely a work of art.

Last thing before I continue to apply for more jobs, here’s a song covered by an artist who was recently featured in Burberry’s Burberry Acoustic on their Youtube channel.

(If the song is too slow for you, speed the video up to 1.25. I bet you they sound better! Cause that’s what I did this afternoon HAHA.)


Some of my favourite Youtubers

Just a bunch of people behind the screens that got me going. You know how certain people can just brighten up your day. Like man, they be giving me some boost in energy or something, and I would leave, so inspired to start the day with something good! Be it irl or on screens, if I get that snap, I get it. Here now I’m going to talk about a few Youtubers whom I love and adore so much because they make me want to grow into a better person.

1. Niomi Smart

She’s like an all-in-one package. Really down to Earth, and I cannot fathom how amazing she is?? Always getting me to try healthy snacks/food/regimes. I love how simple her videos are, and her video content is totally on point! They’re what I’d expect to see or know from most Youtube vloggers honestly. I could tell that she has this strong personality that I want to achieve one day.

2. Gigi Gorgeous

No, don’t you think that way. Yes, I love her, and no I do not see her as the ideal person I’d want to be because she’s way more ladylike than I am. Really sad, haha. Anyway, she’s super sassy, really humble, and she’s a strong woman. It’s like if you get on her nerves, she’ll know how to handle you (in a nice way). Her self-confident is unbelievable, I mean come on, she uses ‘GregoryGORGEOUS’ as her user ID on Youtube. Enjoying some of her videos is a huge understatement, not kidding. Especially her ‘story time’ and ‘monthly favourites’ videos.

3. Icovetheeeeeee

I know I spelt that wrong but can’t you see how excited I am with that extended ‘e’s?! One of my favourite makeup Youtuber! She’s absolutely stunning, and her makeup direction’s what I have always been looking for. Simple yet not too pale. And boy, she does really have a great skin complexion (and hot accent).

4. SORTED Food

If you love food and you want a great conversation going on during the whole video then do watch their fantastic food recipe videos! I love how it revolves around those 4 guys; the chef and the ‘puppets’ haha! No I mean literally, the other 3 are only there to give the videos more vibe and colour. It’s an all-rounded concept that makes them unique in my opinion. Simple recipes, funny people, always a joy to watch them.

5. Leroy Sanchez

Man, his voice is the shits. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but most of his covers are unique. I’m the kind to really spend some time finding covers that stand out from the rest. They should have their own originality to them, and of course they must sound just as good as the original. And to find out that I love most of his covers is really…something?

6. Clothes Encounters

She’s one of the few that remind me of how Youtubers are just like other humans out there. No one’s that perfect, and what I love about her is (ofcourse her fashion style and makeup but apart from that) that she’s always sharing tips and advices that her viewers can relate to. It’s nice to know that she wasn’t just quoting it from anyone but of her own experiences in life. A bubbly person, a friend I would want to have!

7. The Domestic Geek

For the recent weeks, I’m all about healthy eating. I’ve only found out about this channel, few weeks back when I was searching for healthy smoothie recipes (If I can recall well.). Ever since, I have been so interested in all her recipe videos. So vibrant and appealing, and they’re all catered to people like me who are getting conscious at what goes into my mouth.

These are my current favourite’s list though. There are a few more worth listing down but I better move on before I lost the need to post this. I want to get into a deeper topic now but I think I shall save that for next time and catch up on a series! Won’t be around much soon, though.

I just miss school and my school friends. I hate how we’re not that as bonded as we used to be. Things can change that quick, and at this rate I shouldn’t be so surprised the next time anything just flip within a split moment. Getting nostalgic, not good.


Now it’s crystal clear//

It’s been awhile since I posted any music related content. So here is something I would like to share.

I have been quite addicted to Spotify since internship began about a year back. That platform is the ideal place (in my opinion) to get to know more music. Thus, I have a couple of playlists saved on my Spotify account, and one of the best would be this:

Indie Electronica (Yes, my favourite music genre)

There are tons of songs in that playlist that I absolutely love! Do check it out (If you are into that genre tho. If not, there’s no harm in simply giving them a try?).


This might be a start

I’ve got so much emotions for the last two days.

My immense love for music resurfaced. I was super impressed by the music done by SP’s DMAT students. Then comes that envy, because I could have gotten the same opportunity. I could have created my own music. But oh wells..

All in all, the quality of their music is beyond my expectation honestly.

I felt that I should give more support for local music talent, and so right now, I’m not sure if I should attend their performance later on tonight.

I don’t know anyone who would want to accompany me though…

EDM soon, hopefully

It’s been a while since I last post on this blog. I do have things I’d like to blog about, but I couldn’t find the right time and moment to do so.

Just a short notice. I might start making some indielectronica music soon. Just in need of a few instruments to begin with, and some basic knowledge on it. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, this is my new jam:

Musically involved

If I were to produce my own songs, I roughly had the general idea of what genre I’d like to work on. However, it changed after I watched Begin Again. If you haven’t yet watch it, you’re missing out! Great for music lovers :-)

In the movie, it’s mostly about how songs could change you, and also appreciating and making music that satisfies you, and not only the crowd. It’s your music, therefore you should make it yours. You’re just sharing your music to other people to tell them the message behind the music you do. If they get the message, and feel connected to your songs, then that’s amazing. Besides, it’s another form of communication, and it’s sweet how the couple in the movie communicates via music.

I’ve always been interested in music. Do listen to Lost Stars, a soundtrack of Begin Again. I’m going to try my luck with that song on my uke. It’s always thrilling to try out new songs on my uke. 

So, I was thinking, I could do those underground music, where the crowd’s and people’s opinions don’t matter. I could write the songs, maybe try to produce them myself. I could do a lot of things.

Anyway, I have yet to update on that Majuhad post I intended to post on the weekends. Got caught up with a bunch of things, and was too tired to type them out.

Two more weeks and a few days left till freedom!

K cya!


Bombay + Little India Goodness

This is a cover of Bombay Bicycle Club’s Shuffle by a new indie rock band called Little India. I love both bands, so check their music out!


Say you mean it, seal it up
Say you wanna try
Say you haven’t had enough
Say you wanna

Once you get the feeling it
Wants you back for more
Says it’s gonna heal it but
You won’t make the call
One step back you’re leaving it
Now it’s moving on
Why won’t you believe in it
’till it’s gone?