I hate introductions. I’ll think about this page. Meanwhile, you can go back to Home page to read on about my life










(Had to make a weird face cause it feels right. I can’t with those deep-thoughts photos.)

I enjoy all forms of art: Music/illustration/graphic design/dance/fashion/baking

As weak as I am with words, I still think it’s fun to be able to pen my thoughts down, somewhere, and in this case, blogging about them here.

I’ve kept a low profile, but I have a mind that might blow you off.

Deeply in love with the idea of seeping tea in a quant cafe, in a town rich in culture, with historical buildings, and long walks around town/beach/park, trying to get inspirations for some design works, and keeping a sketchbook in a bag, along with a trustworthy camera and a book, and maybe, go to some thrift shops in secret alleys, attend gig and concerts on the weekends, make silly vlogs for memories’ sake, work on my passion for music, go hiking and take breathtaking pictures of the nature, possibly travel to different parts of the world, having my own projects, living my own life, appreciating each and every phases and steps.

I will make that happen. Working on my skills right now, so they would hopefully be the bridge to my dreams.

You might anchor me down but I won’t let that affect me. You might scoff, laugh and snicker, but no, I’ll still continue on making a bigger leap to my future.

I have to make the change, and I will do just that. I’ll make you proud of me. I’ll make me proud of myself, most importantly.

InsyaAllah, it’s possible. Amin.


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