Cause I needed an update

I skipped a month worth of updates!

There were a magnitude of things that has brought upon my zero efforts to update this site. There were times I did think about posting something, but I wasn’t motivated enough? Like that surge of black wave that crashes all the little tiny hopes to write something. Every damn time I know what to write, my body says Nope, not the time yet

Surprisingly I still have regular view counts, coping at a stagnant number every week. Don’t you think that’s weird considering that I didnt post at all hahaha. Thank you though for reading.

Zooming quickly pass the month of April, all I could say is, twas a wicked month. Had two weeks of rest from school (literally didn’t do any design work at all), worked on a side project, scored an ad-hoc job over at my cousin’s bakery, met and hang out with sick people I knew over the net. The only unmet plan was to drive a car. Very very depressing but no one is to be blamed. Things just don’t happen when they weren’t meant to. 

Now I’m back in school, gladly. It’s time to kick in the skills back. Plus I miss my schoolmates. You know, one thing good about being in school is having friends around you every week, without the need to make plans. Even though I’m left with only two months of school. Week one went by in a blink of an eye because the module is redundant and there were only two classes of that. So I wouldn’t miss much if I didn’t attend them at all. No worries I always try to be a good student so yeah I was there in class on both days! 

Now that we’re in May, even greater news are about to grace my entrance. InsyaAllah whatever it is, I would not want to lose my focus in Him and strive to become someone with a beautiful heart. I’ve started to realise that, I want to shift my focus to enhancing my inner beauty. Improving on my character and manner as a lady and as a Muslim. 

Can’t wait to turn into the person I envisioned to be. 
TC & Wassalam


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